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The most advanced PTAC ever.

Inverter compressor, award-winning and patented FreshAire® make-up air system to help achieve ASHRAE 62.1 standards, ultra-quiet operation with the highest STC ratings in the industry*, and optional FreshAire® IAQ accessories for healthy indoor air quality. FreshAire® PTAC is not just best in class, it's in a class of its own.

Conditioned Fresh Air

Friedrich’s FreshAire® PTAC system helps achieve ASHRAE 62.1-2013 requirements, and brings up to 52 CFM of conditioned, MERV 8 filtered, outside air into the space. Patents-pending technology uses the inverter compressor and main cooling system to optimize temperature and humidity level of incoming air.

Precision Inverter® Technology

Precision Inverter® variable speed compressors deliver efficiencies up to 13 EER and a 15 SEER equivalent. Compressors operate down to 20% of rated capacity, or up to 120%, matching the unit output to the actual demand of the space for increased comfort and lower energy consumption.

Widest Cooling & Heating Range in the Industry

Variable speed technology gives you the flexibility of a full line of PTACs with only two models, and offers the highest available capacity of any 42x16 PTAC on the market at over 17000 Btus.

The Friedrich Inverter variable speed compressor matches the unit output to the actual demand of the space for increased comfort and lower energy consumption.

  • 9000 BTU MODEL
    Can operate as low as 6462 BTU's and as high as 12099 BTU's.
  • 12000 BTU MODEL
    Can operate as low as 7929 BTU's and as high as 17142 BTU's.

That's like getting multiple PTACs in one.

FreshAire units with inverter compressors deliver equivalent SEERs up to 15.0; application HSPFs up to 11.57, and offer many advantages over traditional PTACs.

  • Improved dehumidification
  • Quieter start-up and operation
  • Better efficiency during part load
  • hours of cooling & heating
  • Reduced temperature swings improve guest comfort

Soft-start technology provides the smoothest PTAC sound available

The variable-speed operation of the FreshAire PTAC allows the unit to work at the optimal speed to match the true load of the room.

This not only provides the best energy consumption curve it also adds to guest comfort by eliminating the harsh start-ups associated with single speed compressors.