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Our most efficient standard PTAC with exceptional performance and leading warranty for the lowest cost of operation. ZoneAire Premier PTAC is available in electric heat and heat pump options, ranging from 7,000 to 15,000 Btu.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC)
The “hotel” air conditioner can bring cool comfort—and heat—to any room in your home that requires a shallower configuration. New 2-year full warranty includes parts and labor. Plus 5-year limited warranty.

Quiet, Easy to Field Modify, Powerful
Engineered for quieter performance, the Friedrich PTAC features a tangential blower wheel, universal heater options, and modular component design for easier service.

Hotels focused on maximizing room revenues and minimizing guest complaints buy Friedrich PTAC:

  • 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • Sound reduction technology for quiet operation
  • Separate thermostat limits for cooling and heating modes
  • Dehumidification mode removes up to 3.2 pts per hour
  • Diamonblue™ Advanced Corrosion Protection on coils
  • Cooling (7700-15000 Btu) and Heating (6300-13300 Btu)
  • All models fit standard 42-inch sleeves (no baffle kit)
Friedrich PTACs are known for being feature-rich and backed by an AC-focused manufacturer. Our new models build on these strengths, with advanced engineering that delivers impressively quiet performance with expanded comfort settings.

Friedrich PTAC offers “Instant Heat” in heat pump mode quickly heats a room to the desired temperature.

Model Cooling BTU Heating BTU
PDE07K3SG 7200/7000
PDE07R3SG 7200
PDE09K3SG 9400/9200
PDE09R3SG 9400
PDE12K3SG 11800/11600
PDE12R3SG 11800
PDE15K5SG 14500/14200
PDE15R5SG 14500
PDH07K3SG 7200/700 6000/5800
PDH07R3SG 7200 6000
PDH09K3SG 9400/9200 8300/8100
PDH09R3SG 9400 8300
PDH12K3SG 11800/11600 10600/10400
PDH12R3SG 11800 10600
PDH15K5SG 14500/14200 13300/13000
PDH15R5SG 14500 13300